Using an Ozone Generator

- May 28, 2019-

Use of the generator is not overly difficult, however, care should be taken when using one to minimize the risk involved. 

- Clean the car mechanically and chemically, the less left behind the more effective the ozone will be 

- Remove all loose items 

- Vacuum the car 

- Make absolutely sure that no animals or humans are inside the vehicle 

- Place the device inside the car, or use a hose to blow the ozone inside the vehicle through the window 

- If using a hose from outside, it is recommended to seal off the open window to create an “airtight” seal 

- Run the generator between 30 minutes and 2 hours (the manual will help to determine how long it is needed) 

- Open all doors to let the gas dissipate, it will carry a strange smell that might linger for a few days. Repeat the above steps if the interior still has an unpleasant smell 

- Wait for at least 2 hours with all the doors wide open before getting inside the vehicle 

-The smell of ozone might remain for a few days, but the unpleasant odor should have been removed