Organic Waste Gas Purification Equipment

- May 17, 2019-

Organic waste gas is usually flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful, and the safety factor is the first principle in design. Therefore, the maximum concentration safety index of volatile organic compounds must be operated below the lower limit of 1/4 of the explosion. Experienced designers will consider sudden concentration evaporation. If the manufacturer's process recipe fails, the production line temperature or pressure parameters are abnormal, etc., there must be emergency control and measures. Especially in the chemical industry, this issue is particularly important. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose Qianfan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., a company with rich experience in organic waste gas purification.

 The selection of organic waste gas purification equipment must be optimized and reliable, which lays the foundation for the discharge of standards. Because of the many components of organic waste gas, the quality of the purification device directly affects the safe operation and purification effect. Therefore, environmental protection standards are the second principle.