Ozone Air Purifier for Gym Center

- Aug 22, 2019-


The Flygoo ozone purifier is a powerful fitness center, gym and locker room odor eliminator that also kills mold and mildew resulting in better smelling equipment and a much fresher facility.

A gym center can be an odor factory due to many reasons. Also, Locker room are the first and last place that puts the impression on members/labors. If the facility is full of excess humidity, stand water or any offensive odor that would put even the clients off and devastate the business too.

Regular clean-up by staff will not be adequate to remove the musty smell, is it better to use technology when they assure you 99% of bacteria protection. It is the management responsibility to understand the importance of Ozone generators at gym centers odor removal it is an effective key in absorbing excess moisture from the showers, steam, bathroom and locker rooms that disinfectant by eliminating the bacteria sourced by bad odors. 

O3 is recommended to absorb the impure odors and annihilate mold, mildew, and other microorganisms.


We request ozone generator used in gym centre place, ozone in the air should be 1-3ppm(mg/l); The FG-W/FG-M ozone machine is our most popular model to eliminate gym center and locker room odors, especially in larger spaces. 

This model is designed for spaces that are unoccupied for several hours or longer for treatment, such as Fitness Centers, Gymnasiums, Locker Rooms and other high traffic areas. The 1 to 12 hour timer makes after hour treatment very convenient.

Using Flygoo FG-W 3g/h and 5g/h wall mounted ozone air purifier, can be covered 100m³ to 400m³ area. (10gr/hr model can be covered 350m³to 750m³ area.) 

ozone generator for gym center

ozone generator for gym center


- Destroys odors: annihilate mold, mildew, and other microorganisms 

- Kills bacteria, airborne viruses and other micro organisms Eliminates odor without producing any hazardous byproduct

- Removes allergy causing pollen and microbes

- Prevents mold and mildew, the leading cause of Legionnaires Disease 

- Its natures own purifying process


- Ozone Works Fast

- No Harmful By-Products (Ozone is a green technology)

- Ozone is Safe

- Automated Operation

- Improved Air Quality and Work Environment

- Eliminates Odor Complaints