Ozone Denim Systems,Dry Ozone Wash

- Jul 15, 2019-

Dry Ozone Denim Processing Machines. Introducing our latest ozone technology - DRY Ozone Textile systems! These are the world's first industrial grade dry ozone garment processing machines. Flygoo new patented systems utilize "earth friendly" ozone in place of bleach, hot water, and even water in general; and allow us to help you produce sustainable unique quality denim.

Ozone Denim System Benefits:

1. The fully automatic ozone oxidation process

2. The only system with complete air drying

3. Safety, sealing in the necessary safety range

5. A large number of saving chemicals

6. Save a lot of energy and energy consumption such as water and heat

7. Saving processing time in the washing machine

8. Energy saving

9. Great flexibility in design and fashion

Recommend Machine:

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