Ozone Generator for Aquaponic

- Aug 24, 2019-


Ozone in agriculture removes contamination, improves water quality, and also protects and preserves the freshness of fruits, vegetables, and other food materials during storage.

Ozone disinfection technology has excelled in wastewater treatment. 

Ozonated water used for Irrigation provides oxygen to the root making it free of virus, bacteria, fungi, seaweed, spores and any other microorganisms, and further promotes fast and steady growth, with more aliveness as well as more productivity. 

Ozone is a very powerful germicidal agent, which is able to eliminate parasitic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cysts, without forming toxic compounds or leaving harmful residues behind since it decomposes back to oxygen. Ozone is extremely useful for irrigating fruit trees, vineyards, and cultures in preventing them from deadly diseases.


Drip irrigation with ozonated water, not only can remove algae from the nutrient but also can be used to kill disease from the nutrient. When planting crops using roots impregnation cultivation, if ozone concentration is reached 0.1 mg/l or more, it will be caused by crop damage. Therefore, we can disinfect the nutrient during the fallow or cycling mode(that means when the nutrient is returned to the storage tank, we can inject ozone into the tank for sterilization).

College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, CAU, Test study of application of ozone in the fruit and vegetable greenhouses from Department of Vegetable technical : 350 square meters, 2 meters high single greenhouse, From December to next year March, using Flygoo Ozone high concentration oxygen source ozone generator, we turn on the ozone generator every 1-2 days, the concentration of ozone in the air is maintained at 2-4mg / m3, running the machine one hour/time,(for the air sterilization). The growth of fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse have been improved significantly by this method.

Ozone Generator for Aquaponic Ozone Generator for Agriculture


- Since Ozone is a very strong germicidal agent, it almost eliminates infection-causing microorganism and in return provides a better product in terms of volume, weight, size, strength, nutritious value and taste.

- Ozone has a very powerful and strong oxidation capability and thus destroys organic waste by oxidizing it.

- Ozone is very environmental friendly as it does not leave behind any harmful residues unlike other pesticides, fertilizers, and additives used for growing crops as it decomposes back to Oxygen.

- The use of Ozonated water for irrigation ensures that plants grow more vigorously and are healthier, free form any kind of contagious diseases.

Ozone in Soil Remediation :

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen, capable of converting organic molecules to water and carbon dioxide. Ozone will rid contaminated soil of a variety of pollutants such as

- MTBE (Methyl-Tertiary-Butyl-Ether), Hydrocarbons, Diesel, Pesticides.

- VOCs (Volatile Organic Carbons), Aromatics, Trichloroethylene