Ozone Generator for Bottle Water

- Dec 12, 2019-


Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available for potable water disinfection and has been used in this role since the late 1890s. It has been the disinfectant of choice in the majority of European and Canadian water plants since the 1940's, due to its oxidation properties, lack of residual, and its taste and odor control abilities when properly applied.

Recent changes in legislature and industry guidelines have increased the need for ozone in the beverage industry in general. In bottled water plants, ozone can be used to disinfect product water to comply with the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) guidelines while leaving no residual taste or odor.

At beverage plants, ozone can reduce or eliminate the need for chemical or high-temperature disinfection processes, reducing downtime and chemical costs.

Ozone disinfection technology has excelled in beverage applications. 


Headquartered in Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (North), China Resources C’estbon Beverage (China) Co., Ltd. is subordinate to China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited (formerly China Resources Enterprise Limited) under China Resources. In 1990, China Resources C’estbon firstly launched pure water in China, and became one of the earliest enterprises engaged in professional production of packaged drinking water, with the main products of C’estbon series packaged drinking water.

C’stbon production process of pure water includes special qualified multilevel quartz sand filtration, high quality coconut shell activated carbon filtration, precision security filtering, first and secondary level reverse osmosis and eventually ozone sterilization for bottling. Ozone generator of Flygoo has been used in many branches of C’stbon. Depending on the quality of water in different local places, ozone dosage quantity is 2-6g/ton.


In food and beverage and swimming pool industry, ozone is mainly used for disinfection in mineral water, pure water, swimming pool and food processing water, as well as high concentration ozonated water with 1-10ppm used in production equipment disinfection. After the decomposition, ozone is decomposed into oxygen, so it has no second pollution to food, beverage and swimming pool.

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- Disinfects bottled water from all bacteria

- Superior to any other disinfection method because of its high oxidation level

- Allows for lower operating costs and reduces overall chemical cost

- Reduces sulfur odors

- Generated on-site; eliminates the need for dangerous storage and handling

- Destroys bacteria instantly; ozone works faster than any other oxidant on the market

- Environmentally friendly

- Cleans and disinfects the bottles and caps

- Treats the bottled water precipitating heavy metals such as iron and manganese

- Clean In Place (CIP) for bottling equipment

- Residual ozone decomposes to oxygen

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