Ozone Generator for Cold Storage Room

- Aug 27, 2019-

Ozone is a proven, powerful way to eliminate microorganisms, effectively and quickly killing viruses and bacteria including E.coli and Listeria. It can be used to control biological growth of unwanted organisms in products and equipment used in food processing industries.

Flygoo Ozone leading technology is particularly suited for the food industry due to its ability to disinfect microorganisms without adding chemical by-products to the food being treated, food processing water, or atmosphere in which food is stored.

Ozone reverts back to oxygen leaving no harmful chemical residuals or altering the taste of treated food.

flygoo ozone generator for cold storage


According to some ozone generator application data, We would like to introduce some ozone in food cold storage application to you (only for reference ) :

1. Banana- Ozone concentration rate (OCT) around 64.2~192.3 mg/m3 (30~90ppm) range,  banana mature stage remains constant.

2. Orange- Under 85. 6 mg/m3 OCT , ethylene and other metabolisms will be oxidized by ozone, and than the mature of orange will be decelerated.

3. Straw berry and Grape- OCT arrived 4.28~6.42 mg/m3, it will restrain growth of bacteria and mold, also the storage period will prolonging 4 times.

4. Apple- With OCT 4.28mg/m3 ; 5 months refrigeration. Most apple will not be damaged. According to one domestic company’ experience, using ozone in apple cold storage, it will keep apple fresh within half month after removed from the storage warehouse.

5.Pear- Pear can be stored in 17 days under 5℃ and OCT in 6.42mg/m3.

* Using ozone in vegetable cold storage, The effect is roughly the same as fruit.

6. Potato- Storage temperature: 6~14℃; Humidity: 90%; Potato will be sterilized by ozone in 6~10hours under OCT is around 15~18mg/m3. Bacterial from potato will be stop growing, but color, taste and density will be not changed. Also the starch and Vitamin C from potato will be increased,  but the sugar will be decreased.

7.Garlic stem- After Garlic stems are in pre-cooling warehouse, using OCT: 4.28~8.56mg/m3, to kill the microorganism on the surface of garlic stem. Remember in CA Cold Storage Warehouse, Ozone generator should be installed outside of the warehouse.

8.Tomato- Before tomato is entered into cold storage warehouse, workers should be use ozone generator sterilize the warehouse. Keep OCT in 8.56~10.7mg/m3  one time / 2 days or 4.28~6.42mg/m3 one time / 1 day in the warehouse. Under the same storage situation,using ozone for tomato's fresh keeping is the best, after 45days storage, good fruit rate can reach to 80% ~ 90%.

9.Bonnet pepper- The normal storage temperature: 12~15℃; Autumn harvest temperature: 8~10℃, CO2<3%, O2:10% ; Keep ozone OCT in 10.7mg/m3 each 2 or 3 times /first month. After that, one or twice time/every day.  Storage period up to 70 days, and good fruit rate can reach to 80% or more.

10. Egg- At the end of 1930, 80% egg cold storage warehouse had been used ozone generator for keeping fresh in United State and got very good effect. There are two ways to use ozone in egg cold storage-Continuous and Indirect. 1. Continuous way, Keeping egg fresh storage period 8 months OCT is 14.12mg/m3 and Humidity 90%. 2. Indirect way, every day turn on the ozone generator one or twice time, OCT 3.21~5.35mg/m3.

Note: Machine working time and worker enter the cold storage are staggered.

11.Meat- Ozone is mainly used for sterilizing and keeping meat that has been cut from an animal carcass. Using ozone generator one or twice a day,Ozone can be keep in closed storage room last 42~44 hours in ozone machine working time last 2 hours, ozone concentration rate in the air : 6mg/m3, Temperature 20℃, Humidity 85%. And if the temperature fell into the 6℃, ozone can keep in the room last 10 days. Compared with the only cooling way, using ozone (OCT: 10~20mg/m3) for keeping beef fresh, the storage period can gone up by 30~40%. 

12.Cheese- In the maturing and storage process, using ozone for cheese fresh is a great success.  With temperature 15℃, humidity 80%~85%, OCT: 0.0428mg/m3. The storage period can be last 11 weeks. The test say that ozone also can remove and oxidized the smelly in the storage room.

13.Fish- Using ozone water ice to keep fish fresh, the freshness rate can prolong 50%. 

Keep iced yellow croaker in the ozonated water fresh.OCT water: 0.98mg/m3, 3.12mg/m3 and 4.68 mg/m3.Immersion time was 5 mins, 10 mins and 15 mins. Same temperature 4℃ storage until 10d. The results showed that while higher ozone concentration rate in the water, longer immersion time, the better effect of sterilization and fresh. The best effect is using ozonated water (concentration rate 4.68mg/l) and 15mins immersion time. And the TVB-N date is 23.53mg/100g in the sixth day.


Features :

Destroys odors: tobacco smoke, pet, cooking, and chemical 

Kills bacteria, airborne viruses and other micro organisms Eliminates odor without producing any hazardous byproduct

Removes allergy causing pollen and microbes

Prevents mold and mildew, the leading cause of Legionnaires Disease 

Its natures own purifying process


Ozone Works Fast

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