Ozone Generator for Poultry Farm

- Jul 09, 2019-

  Ozone is used in the poultry industry as air and water disinfection /treatments for the storage, incubation of eggs and breeding of healthy birds. Ozone is an effective oxidant, it is mostly used for processing, storage, and transport of poultry and meat products. Ozonated water is used to feed the birds as drinking water, wash and sterilize meat and equipment to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, pathogens and deodorized the air inside poultry farm.


- Vaccines and drugs cost reduced

- Ozone reduces waterborne pathogens and prevents the development of resistance by the pathogen

- Ozone helps to accelerate weight gain by the birds

- Ozone improves feed conversion and increased layer output

Ozone helps to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water which helps the birds to tolerate heat

Ozone oxidizes ammoniacal gases, methane and carbon dioxide, creating a healthier environment for the birds and the staff working in the poultry

Ozone is more effective than formaldehyde in disinfecting Poultry sheds and requires no dormant period in which the sheds have to remain evacuated. Immediately after disinfecting by ozone at high concentrations, the shed is ventilated and can be inhabited by the birds and staff safely. Unlike formaldehyde, ozone is non-carcinogenic.

Hatching hens which are kept under ozonized conditions show an increase in the number of eggs they lay, and a stronger consistency of the eggshell, because of the corresponding decrease in pathogenic illness and prevention of a toxic build-up of disinfectant chemicals. Ozone is used to disinfect incubation rooms and chambers, in the place of chemicals which cause a toxic build-up on the eggshell surfaces and weaken the immune system of the birds.


One of our chicken farm customer own have 1500 cubic meter farm, before use ozone generator, The inside of the farm looks covered with smoke, the air inside is not circulating, the eyes are difficult to open, the exhaust gas is very heavy, mainly the exhaust gas produced by chicken droppings harmful gases, especially in winter the farm also heating the exhaust;

poultry farm ozone generator 1 (1)poultry farm ozone generator 1 (6)poultry farm ozone generator 1 (7)


poultry farm ozone generator 1 (2)poultry farm ozone generator 1 (3)poultry farm ozone generator 1 (4)OZONE GENERATOR FOR POULTRY FARM

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