Ozone Generator Used in CIP System

- Dec 08, 2019-

The use of ozone water machine in Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems offers many advantages to the beverage and food industries. Ozone is an environmentally-friendly disinfectant that leaves no residual or by-products after the disinfecting process. Ozone is also a safe sanitizer with no need for chemical storage, handling or related safety issues. The use of ozone may eliminate the need for some hot water cycles, reducing the amount of water used and the energy costs associated with hot water. These cost savings, in conjunction with chemical savings, have made ozone a cost-saving measure in some applications.

Flygoo model FG-OWS ozonated water machine is an integrated ozone generator, PSA oxygen generator, CNP gas-liquid mixing pump, SUS304 contact tank, and water backflow protection device all in one system. It is a convenient and installation-friendly system to give you minimum installation work, it is content normal water inlet and ozonated water outlet.

This system can control the output of ozone dissolved water with concentration from 1mg/l to 5mg/l via ozone concentration rate controller. The water flow rate depends on the client's demands.

Benefits of Ozone Use in CIP Processes

  • Ozone has no residuals or by-products that could alter flavors of a beverage or other product

  • Ozone sanitation may replace hot water cycles, lowering energy costs

  • Chemicals like chlorine or other sanitizers can be eliminated, saving cost and labor in handling / transporting chemicals

  • CIP rinse/cleaning cycles can be combined using ozone, saving water and time - this may allow for more processing time, due to a shorter CIP cycle time