Swimming Pool Ozone Generator

- Aug 08, 2019-

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How often have the children come in from a swim in the pool complaining of sore eyes? The smell of chlorine is really annoying too.   A minimum residual level of chlorine (or a derivative) in a pool is a council requirement to ensure the effective control of pathogens.   

When ozone is used in a swimming pool it can reduce the amount of chlorine required to maintain the correct level of sanitization. It is best used in a pool that has automatic control of the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) level.  That way the automatic system doses chlorine to the required level taking into account the effect that the ozone has had on the ORP.   

Flygoo Ozone provides ozone solutions for those that want the velvety smooth feel and the fresh smell of ozone by reducing the number of chemical additives to the swimming pool.     


Take a commercial swimming pool volume of 720 cubic meters (L25 m W16 m D1.8 m), water circulation duration of four hours, water flow rate :120T/hr .  Injected ozone concentration of 0.4 ~1ppm as an example, after 60 minutes of ozone injection, the residual ozone concentration reaches a static level of 0.04 ppm which meets the requirement for bacteria controlling standard.  Flygoo Ozone recommends a 120g/hr ozone equipment oxygen feeding.

swimming pool ozone installation

Swimming Pool Ozone GeneratorSwimming Pool Ozone Generator