Flygoo Ozone Generator Used For Cosmetics Workshop Air Sterilization

- Nov 30, 2019-

In cosmetics workshops, ozone gas is very convenient and effective for disinfecting cosmetics storage rooms and processing equipment. Recent studies abroad have shown that ozone is a substitute for ultraviolet lamps in controlling air microorganisms. Through a controlled experiment of chemical atomization, ultraviolet and ozone as a disinfectant, it is concluded that ozone is effective and has no residue, and ozone inhibits the growth of E. coli group micrococcus in processing equipment.

The method is: (1) Place the ozone generator directly in the air duct of the air conditioning purification system. With the airflow of the air duct, ozone is sent to each clean area to disinfect and sterilize the clean area. The remaining ozone is sucked into the air outlet and taken away by the central air conditioner. (2) The ozone generator can be placed outside the central air-conditioning vent, and the ozone is blown into the central air-conditioning duct, and then sent to each clean area, or a desktop ozone fan is used. In clean areas, they are collectively called external ozone generators. The external ozone generator is easy to install and repair, but the manufacturing cost is a bit higher. (3) An ozone generator is used to connect the air duct and the aeration system, and an aeration pipe network is arranged on the top of the workshop to send ozone into the clean area.cosmetics ozone generator 2

cosmetics ozone generator 1