How To Prevent And Control Of African Swine Fever?

- Aug 24, 2019-

Prevention and Control of African Swine Fever

A brief analysis of African swine fever

1. African swine fever belongs to a class of animal diseases, does not infect humans, and does not have the receptors of African swine fever in the human body, without causing panic.

2. African swine fever has no effective vaccine and environmental temperature effects on African swine fever: 60 ° C (20 min kill), 56 ° C (70 min kill), 25-37 ° C survival for several weeks, 4 ° C survival time > In 1 year, frozen meat survives for several years - for decades, uncooked meat, cured meat, and water can survive for a long time.

3. How is African swine fever spread?

- Source of infection: sick pigs and poisoned pigs, infected pork and meat products, feeds polluted by sick pigs, tissues and body fluids, drowning, sheds, vehicles, utensils and clothing, wild boars and soft mites;

- Ways and means of transmission: direct contact (digestive tract & respiratory tract), indirect contact with pollutants (digestive tract & respiratory tract), soft bite (blood)

4. clinical manifestations of African swine fever: high incidence, mortality, redness or purple, high fever, blue and purple spots in the ears and abdomen, redness in the chest, abdomen, perineum, tail and legs, constipation or Diarrhea, fecal mucus or blood (black stool), vomiting, abortion of pregnant sows during pregnancy;

5, African swine pathology necropsy - acute

-The main lesions are extremely enlarged spleen, severe infarction, brittle and fragile, spleen most severe swelling 10 times, mandibular lymph node hemorrhage, abdominal lymph node hemorrhage.

B biosafety control

1.1 Five-stream management of pigs (loading station)

-The external loading and unloading station is separated from the field by more than 1 km. The driver should not walk around at any time. After the pig is finished, the parking lot should be cleaned and disinfected immediately. The participants must shower, change clothes, and clean the loading and unloading station. The field and pig flow direction must be one-way traffic. Once the pigs that are transported out of the internal loading and unloading station are not transported back, the conditional loading and unloading station adopts a bird net.

1.2 Flow of five-flow management

- Personnel entering the living area must be spray-sterilized, and bathing, changing clothes, and changing shoes must be used in the production area;

1. 3 five-flow management traffic

- Large door disinfection tank put 2-3% of caustic soda water, the length is the maximum circumference of the vehicle. The circumference of the tire is 1.5 to 2.0 times, the depth is not less than 30cm, and the replacement is 2-3 days. Rain After replacement, the body is cleaned and disinfected by high pressure;

- Must enter the production area of the vehicle, after disinfection in the living area, need to be disinfected twice into the production area;

1.4 Five-stream management logistics

- Pork, ham, cured meat, bacon, meat, etc. are strictly prohibited from entering the farm.

-Foreign items must be disinfected, alcohol disinfection, ozone disinfection, etc.

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