How To Use An Ozone Generator Safely

- Nov 15, 2019-

If you have considered all the safety precautions of the ozone generator, it is a good idea to read the instruction manual as well. All ozone generators are different, so they may cover a different amount of area than others. Some have timers for both powering on and powering off, so it is a good idea to set it up that way if you can. Otherwise, you may have to cover your mouth and nose to go in and turn it off when it is finished.

Make sure all living things are out of the room. This means people, pets, and plants. Nothing should be in the vicinity of the room or home that you’re running the ozone generator in.

Cover or remove important items that may have a lot of value to you. Ozone is not friendly with too many metallic things or paper, so covering them is your best bet. There are other options to clean and remove odors from these items.

Set the timer or activate the ozone generator. If your ozone generator does not have a timer, you will need a separate timer for yourself. Running an ozone generator for longer than 6 hours can do harm to your home.

Wait for 3-6 hours depending on the room size, or 25-30 hours for an entire house. If you are doing your entire house, find another place to stay.

Let the timer shut off the ozone generator. If it does not have a timer, you will have to cover your mouth and nose with a towel or mask to go in and shut it off.

Wait 1-2 hours for the ozone to settle and become normal oxygen again.