Ozone Disinfection for Salmonella Eggs

- Dec 02, 2019-

Guangdong Yixiang Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is specilized in agriculture,  poultry, egg sales,etc. Yixiang company had purchased FG model FG-OWS Ozonated Water Machine for eggs washing and keep freshing. 

Ozone as an air treatment is used in the poultry industry, from the storage and incubation of eggs, to the breeding of healthy birds, as well as for effective processing, storage and transport of poultry and meat products.  Ozonated water is used to wash and sterilize meat and equipment.

ozone water machine

Tests on E. coli, L.Pneuniophila, Stapharaeus, MRSA, Shigella sp and Salmonella arizonae show that ozone gas is a highly anti-bacterial agent, with more than 90% kill rates after 40 minutes, 99.9% kill rates after 60 minutes and 100% kill rates after 2 hours.

Ozonated water has shown to kill instantly more than 5 log units of Salmonella typhirium and Escherichia coli cells, as well as 4,5 log units of Candida albicans and Zygosaccraomyces bailli.

Ozonated water is effective as a disinfectant for poultry carcasses and chill water, with a greater than 90% kill rate of micro-organisms washed from the carcasses and an increase in light transmission of the treated processed water.

The use of the ozonated water to wash carcasses results in no significant loss of colour or of flavour.

ozone generator for eggs disinfection

ozone generator for eggs disinfection

ozone generator for eggs disinfection