Ozone Generator For Commercial Kitchen Odor Exhaust

- Aug 30, 2019-

100G Ozone Generator is been installed Foshan Commerical Kitchen Odor Exhaust Duct

Through an electrostatic filter that can remove a proportion of odors generated in the cooking, some odors still can not be eliminated. So, the remaining odors need to be treated by a strong oxidizer. Ozone, as a well-known powerful disinfectant, will effectively mitigate the odours. Below are the benefits of the ozone generator for kitchen exhaust system:

1.Reduction of Oil and Grease: this ozone unit reduces oil and grease in the kitchen exhaust systems keeping the exhaust ductworks clean and odor-free. Ozone breaks down the oil and grease in vapor form to carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of polymerized grease which leaves the exhaust duct works in the form of a dry powder. Polymerized grease is biodegradable and poses no health hazard.

2.Reduction of Microorganisms: in all kinds of ventilation systems there are bacteria and other microorganisms. The ozone generator eliminates all types of micro organisms. In this way, ozone prevents the build-up of bacteria and other microorganisms from entering the kitchen.

3.Reduction of cooking odor: all types of cooking create odors. The odors are exhausted through the ductworks in a gaseous form and do not get caught in a conventional filter of the kitchen hoods. Ozone reduces the odors to a minimum if not eliminating them altogether by oxidation. This prevents food smell from reentering the HVAC system through the fresh air intakes of near by buildings and offices.

4. Fire protection and duct cleaning: the ozone injected in the kitchen hoods oxidizes the oil and grease in the vapor form preventing them from condensing on the cooler ductworks downstream of the exhaust system preventing the build-up of oil and grease in the kitchens exhaust systems. This reduces considerably the risk of fire in the ductworks and increases the life time of the ventilation system. The number of duct cleaning or sweeping can significantly be reduced.

The ozone generator outlet is connected to exhaust duct after exhaust hood. For the ozone reaction, it takes a minimum time to contact with odors and destroy them. And, two seconds is the ideal timing. The ozone unit can be installed without an electrostatic filter if the cooking only generates grease mist (no smoke) because ozone will ozonize and break down greases and odors.

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