Ozone Generator For Mold Odor Removal

- Jun 23, 2019-

    Ozone have great effect on attacking mold, mildew and mold spores.

    As we all know, we always can feel the smell of musty especially in the spring and we feel so uncomfortable in that situation which can cause the healthy issue.  In fact, it's a great chance to use the ozone to remove the mold odor.

    Mold spores spread in the air and reproduce by the millions if we don't take some effective measure.

ozone can destory the cell structure and inhibit their regrowth.

    So, how to use the ozone generator to treat this problem?

    Just place an ozone generator in the room and then let it operate to produce the ozone.The processing time depends on the size of the space and the level of mold and odor. It may take several hours or longer to remove the strong odor and kill the mold. After processing, let O3 dissipate for at least one hour before reoccupying the space. And then, you can enjoy the fresh air in the room.

   FG-M ozone generator for mold odor removal.