Ozone Generator Public Environment Requirements

- Apr 17, 2019-

1. The ozone generating device uses water as the coolant, and the cooling water temperature is preferably 15-20 ° C, and the general requirement is not higher than 28 ° C. When the cooling water temperature is ≤32 °C, the ozone generator can work continuously, but the ozone production of the cooling water at 30 °C is 10-20% lower than the rated output at 15 °C;

2, cooling water must ensure better water quality, generally requires turbidity does not exceed 10 degrees (NTU), hardness is not more than 450mg / L, chloride is not more than 150mg / L, COD is not more than 100mg / L, suspended matter is not more than 10mg /L does not cause deposition in the container, which is good for long-term continuous operation of the ozone generator;

3. According to the site conditions, the cooling water of the ozone generator should be open or closed loop, or returned to the water treatment system. According to the characteristics of water quality, take appropriate measures such as anti-fouling and anti-organic deposition.

4. When the site does not have the cooling water quality requirements or there is no cooling water source, the chiller can be used to cool. Especially in the southern region, the summer temperature and ambient temperature are high, and the cooling tower wet bulb temperature is too high to effectively remove the heat generated by the ozone generator through the plate heat exchanger.