Ozone Generator Used In Fodder Production

- Dec 09, 2019-

In China growing fodder in a closed environment using only water and light to germinate and grow various types of grass seeds is becoming very popular. Crops, Pigs and Chicken are grown in this way and fed directly to the animals, roots and all, provide a highly nutritious and easily digested food.

Since the growing environment is small, the humidity high, the risk of disease is great. Particularly among the potential diseases is mould. Some moulds can make the crop less edible but some can be lethal to the animals.

Flygoo Ozone testing has found that controlled levels of ozone in water can reduce or eliminate the growth of mould.

An added benefit is when the ozonated water seeps through the root bundle the ozone breaks down to oxygen and promotes vigorous growth in the plant. These tests have shown an increase in yield of greater than 15% using ozonated water at a controlled level.

Ozone Generator Used in Fodder Production Ozone Generator Used in Fodder Production