The Benefits Of Ozone Generator For Extrusion Laminating

- Dec 03, 2019-

Ozone pre-treatment of the molten polymer web in extrusion laminating appeared as early as the mid 1990s, Flygoo Ozone Generators are specifically designed to improve Extrusion Coating performance and line efficiencies. They deliver high ozone concentrations at minimal power levels with specially-optimized dielectrics and high power densities.

The combination of corona treatment and ozone is proven to provide superior extrusion coating bonding results while offering many production advantages. Enercon offers you a single source for all of your extrusion coating surface treating needs.

Ozone in Extrusion Laminating

Photo by Flygoo Ozone

Corona treatment. Using a high frequency (intermediate frequency) high voltage power supply, a corona release phenomenon is generated in the gap between the discharge blade holder and the blade. The plastic film is surface treated. This method is called corona treatment, also known as electronic impact or electric spark treatment. Its processing effect is:

a. Through the discharge, the oxygen between the two poles is ionized to produce ozone. Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can immediately oxidize molecules on the surface of plastic films, transforming them from non-polar to polar, and increase surface tension. Ordinary corona machines generate ozone through sparks. External discharge is adopted. The ozone output is low. Our company produces ozone tube discharge. The high concentration of ozone can reach 80-120mg / L, which greatly improves the use of ozone. Rate, thereby improving the adhesion of the film.

b. After the electronic impact, micro-concave and dense pores are generated on the surface of the film, which roughens the plastic surface and increases the surface activity.