The Ozone Generator Is Designed According To Indoor Installation Requirements

- Apr 25, 2019-

The gas used for ozone generation must be oxygen or a gas containing oxygen. The gas should be as free of impurities as possible from moisture, dust, oil, hydrocarbons (hydrocarbons) and hydrogen. All of these impurities can adversely affect the ozone formation process and can cause serious damage to the equipment.

    The raw material gas quality indicators supplied to the ozone generator should meet the following requirements:

1. Water content: the dew point of the gas source is required to be lower than -45 °C, preferably lower than -55 °C;

2, oil content: the required oil content is less than 0.01mg / m3 (21 ° C), preferably less than 0.003mg / m3 (21 ° C);

3, impurity particle size: the impurity particles should be less than 1μm, preferably less than 0.01μm;

4, temperature: generally requires temperature not higher than 25 ° C;

5, pressure: requires a certain pressure, generally requires 0.1MPa or more, to ensure the stable operation of the ozone generator and meet the needs of the latter stage ozone gas delivery and dosing.