The Review Of Drinking Water Factory Project

- Jun 22, 2019-

    The bactericidal effect of ozone mainly depends on the content of ozone in the water. The higher the ozone content in the water, the better the effect of sterilization. The concentration of ozone in water depends on the concentration of ozone entering the water, the temperature of the water and the degree of dispersion of ozone in the water. The higher the concentration of ozone gas and the lower the water temperature will achieve the higher the dispersion of ozone in the water. So, many factors influenced the ozone sterilization effect .

  There are two ways of ozone and water mixing:

  (1)The first way is a tower mixture, in which ozone is mixed with water in an ozone-water mixing tower. The tower can be filled with some fillers to increase its transfer coefficient and increase the concentration of ozone. 

  (2)Another way to mix is to produce ozone that enters the water-dropper (Venturi tube) and then fully mixs with water in a fixed helix mixer under turbulence. The method has the advantages of high mass transfer coefficient, high ozone concentration in water and small footprint, and is more suitable for equipment with oxygen as the gas source.


   Guangzhou Flygoo will insist on providing ozone generator with good quality.

   The installation of ozone generator in the drinking water factory.

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