The Rise Of Domestic Ozone Enterprises

- Apr 03, 2019-

Ozone (O3) water treatment technology can decompose organic substances in water, and the process does not produce unnatural substances. It is a material with strong oxidizing ability. As an environmentally friendly and safe application technology, it can solve the problem of odorous substances in the water and the color purity, and can reduce the total organic matter content (COD) in water by about 50%. Foreign water authorities define the quality and standards of water according to their use, and stipulate that drinking water must not contain pathogenic bacteria or toxins, but must contain minerals. Various minerals, pH, turbidity, color, dissolution rate, gas, microorganisms, etc., all affect the quality of water. To improve water quality, Europe, Japan and the United States have adopted ozone water treatment technologies in the last century. At present, China has begun to use mature ozone water treatment technology and equipment.

     In 2001, the environmental research institutes with leading ozone generation technologies in the industry jointly carried out research on the application of ozone water treatment technology in China by leveraging the technology and research and development advantages of various parties in water treatment. At present, the Ozone Advanced Technology Institute began to adopt ozone technology as early as the 1990s. Including decentralized high-quality drinking water technology development, sewage safe recycling, deep treatment of drinking water, etc., ozone materials are sterilization, disinfection, color removal, deodorization, deodorization, algae removal, oxidation of heavy metals, decomposition of organic matter, degradation of pesticides, etc. In order to help each family to drink healthier water, use cleaner water, and reuse the sewage after "ozone water treatment", it can greatly save water resources and promote the recycling of water resources.

         In the past 8 years, through a large number of experimental demonstrations, the treatment schemes under different application targets have been developed for different water sources—lake water, river water, reservoir water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, and the technical basis for the application of ozone water treatment technology in China has been improved. . This research is expected to change the blindness of ozone water treatment applications in China, and promote the application of ozone water treatment technology to a wider extent to improve the safety of water use in China and achieve effective use of water resources more effectively. It is reported that after decades of research on ozone preparation technology, the unit energy consumption has been reduced by 2-3 times, the price of ozone generators is also decreasing, and the equipment is more compact and more conducive to promotion.