What Are The Advantages Of Ozone?

- Jun 28, 2019-

   Ozone has many advantages that can enhance your daily life. You are accustomed to some things in life. Only when you break this cycle and try alternatives can you realize what you missed; fresh spring water and tap water, organic vegetables and chemically fertilized vegetables, and now ozone generators are better than traditional air fresheners. One of the main functions of our products is not only to remove odors, but also to eliminate them fundamentally. The common examples of smells that our products can remove as following:

(1) Strong smoking smells

(2) Foot and shoe smells

(3) Pet odour

(4) Paint fumes

(5) Spores that cause mould

(6) Bathroom odours

Flygoo 2g 3g portable ozone generator

FG-H (2)