Where to Buy Ozone Generator?

- Aug 25, 2019-

Why choose Flygoo Ozone Generator? Flygoo Eco Technologies is a professional ozone generator manufacturer, which is producing a corona discharge ozone generator for air and water treatment.

We main R&D and produce 3g/h to 5Kg/h ozone generators, high-frequency ozone generator power supply and ozonated water machines.


Our ozone generators adapt medium dielectric barrier corona discharge (DBCD) technology, quartz glass tubes and SS316L tubes as dielectric medium. High dielectic constant could ensure the ozone generator working stable and produce high concentration ozone. Our highest ozone generator concentration could reach 230mg/l. And our ozonated water machine could produce 10ppm ozonated water.

wall ozone air purifier (factory)

Application: drinking water treatment, sewage treatment, swimming pools, public fields in hospitals, pharmaceutical factory, paper making for pulp bleaching, printing and dyeing, tower cooling water, ozonated olive oil and essential oil, waste gas odor removal,food and beverage water and air purification etc.



1) Low prices and High Quality. We don't need to spend money on advertising, so our cost of goods are lower than other ozone generator companies.  

2) Proprietary ozone generator transformer technology. American ingenuity at its finest! We designed our ozone transformers to last a lifetime and back them with a lifetime warranty. They are solid state. They don't have any high voltage red wires outside the transformer. They can be replaced easily without any soldering. Just unplug the cord and replace!  

3) Great service. We answer the phone and provide our customers with great service, before and after the sale.


We offer residential, contractor, and industrial ozone generators as well as ozone generator rentals. Our Industrial ozone generators and faucet ozone generators are available in 110 and 220v and ship free anywhere in the world.