10g Ozone Generator Discharge Tube

Type: Corona Discharge Type
Electric: 220Vac, 50/60hz; 110Vac/60hz
Concentration : Air Supply 5-15mg/l; Oxygen Supply: 30-80mg/l
Warranty: 12 months
Shipping: By Air,Sea, Fast Express
OEM Service: YES

Product Details

10g Ozone generator discharge tube

1.Product Introduction


10g ozone generator discharge tube use ozone core discharge of invention patent, including the fission design of ozone generator tube and ozone driving circuit, they can provide stable and efficient ozone output, easy to install and maintain.


2.Product Specification



1. Ozone output: 3G/Hr, 5G/Hr, 7G/Hr,10G/Hr, 15G/Hr


2. SS316L outer electrode housing, best anti-oxidation material without rusty.


3. Using with adjustable electric card, different ozone output for different customers’


requirements, adjustable range: 20%-100%


4. Air cooled for inner and outer electrodes, best for heating dissipation to ensure stable ozone output capacity.


5. Work Environment: Ambient Temperature: 20℃, Oxygen Purity >94%, Dew Point > -45℃




1.space sterilization

2.animal smell removal

3.keep food in fresh condition

4.baby production disinfection

5.waste water treatment,aquarium water freshen

6.wash fruit and vegetable, residual pesticide removal

7.living room, bedroom, kitchen, WC, car, air purification


5.Product Details:


10g Ozone generator discharge tube

Ozone generator discharge tube



7.Company Information


Flygoo Eco-Technologies (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as FG Ozone) is a manufacturer of Ozone Generator, Ozonated Water Machine, Ozone Air Purifier and Ozone System Designing. We have been committed ourselves to ozone technology industrialization and innovation, for more than 10 years experience.


After research development and technology accumulation for years, FG Ozone has grasped core technologies in DTA non-glass dielectric tube and enamel tube technology, technology of IGBT ozone power supply, technology of high voltage transformer with capacitive loads,etc.


8.Product Qualification and Strength




Q. Are you a manufacturer of 10g Ozone generator discharge tube?

A. We are manufacturer of 10g Ozone generator discharge tube.


Q. Could you print our company LOGO on 10g Ozone generator discharge tube?

A. Yes, we accept OEM orders of 10g Ozone generator discharge tube.


Q. What's the normal payment terms ?

A. 100% pay before ship .


Q. What's your after sales service?

A. We offer one year warranty and also provide technical support online.


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