Homemade Ozone Generator

The homemade ozone generator with narrow-gap discharge, high ozone conversion rate, low noise, high-voltage high-frequency corona discharge. Power supply with short circuit protection, open-circuit protection, over-current protection.

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 Product Introduction

The homemade ozone generator is created when voltage is applied to the ozone tube to create a corona discharge. This corona discharge reacts with the oxygen present in the ozone generator chamber and elements in the quartz glass tube to create ozone.


Homemade ozone generator use high quality quartz glass material, stainless steel 316L internal electrodes, inner and external heat sinks, and anti-oxidant teflon connections to ensure a long service life. Power supply is using IGBT inverter technology, with over current and over temperature protection. The lifespan can be over 20,000-50,000hrs.


 Product Specification


1.       Extremely low rate of ozone decay and high ozone concentration: Ozone concentration can be around 30-86Mg/L.

2.       Patented in 2019. This quartz ozone cell is air cooled for internal and external electrodes with a low temperature rise during continuous operation.

3.       Lowest power consumption in its class.

4.       Small and compact:The quartz glass ozone generator effectively saves space as it is 1/4 the size of similar products.

5.       Variable Ozone Output: 20%-100%.

6.       Air Cooled Ozone Cells; Stainless steel 316L internal electrodes



For home air purification, odor, disinfection, water treatment equipment, large-scale purification equipment, ozone machines, swimming pools, waterworks and chemical plant sewage treatment equipment and so on.


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Q: What's your homemade ozone generator advantage? Why we choose you?

A: High Quality products and proffesional; Over 8 years experience, ODM, OEM available; Good price, fast shipments


Q: What's the Payment?

A: T/T, Credit card, Paypal, Western Union, L/C.


Q: Are you an ozone generator supplier or trading company?

A: we are ozone generator factory, we design them and make them, we offer ODM,OEM services.


Q: How can I get some samples?

A: Just leave messages or send email to us , we will contact you within 24 hours.


Q: What is your warrantty?

A: 1 year warranty.

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